Download DNS’ MM Machines – Freezer Mod Latest Version for Minecraft 1.16.5 / 1.12.2

Have you been having a hard time getting your creative juices flowing and creating mods for vanilla Minecraft servers? If so, then maybe it is time you tried DNS’ing your world. This very basic but very powerful mod adds DNS servers to the game, allowing you to name any place on your map as your server. Now you can say “hey, I made that myself!”


The DNS’ing of Minecraft is not that different from regular Manism. You still have to create a world, and you still have to find an IP, or an “IP address” to connect to your server. But now with the DNS’ing of Minecraft mod, you will be able to name any point on your world as your server.


In order to activate the mod, you first need to be using the vanilla version. This means that you have to download the mod and copy it to your “Moses” directory. The “Moses” directory is located in the MC menu and is accessed by typing “help” followed by a space. Then type “emenu” and followed by a space. After that, you just have to click “yes” to the confirmation prompt.


Once you are done with copying the DNS’ed files, you have to activate the mod by right-clicking the server you want to bind it to and clicking on the “add” link. This will add the DNS’ed server to your world. Now, when you want to connect to the server, type “help” again followed by a space to find the “IP Address” input box. Then enter your IP into the text box.

DNS' MM Machines - Freezer

Just like when you add clients to your game, you have to select the specific role you want to play before you can actually enter the server browser. To do this, go to the “server browser” and then click on “Add”. You will see the following message box: “You have added namespaced server(s). You will see a list of namespaced servers. Click on one of the namespaced servers and you are ready to enter your game.


I highly recommend that you learn more about this mod, because it is definitely a must-have for anyone who owns a MMORPG or wants to. It definitely has its benefits, and you should definitely explore it more. If you want to experience the real-time action that a good mod like “DNS’ can offer, I recommend that you try DNS. Good luck!

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