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Item Bound is a Java mod, which allows users to create and manage boundless chests, furnishing and objects within the game Minecraft. This mod has been created by Jens “Bugs” Ekberg and Michael “Miyuki” Evans. This is one of the newest mods to be added to the game. This mod has been in the off-line department for quite some time and I was eager to find out what this new version had to offer me. Below is a brief discussion about the Itembound mod and its features.


The first thing I found out when I downloaded the Itembound mod was that it lacked certain features that I was used to seeing in vanilla Minecraft games. For example, when I was in the game, I never saw any carts or wagons available to gather ore in the game. They were only available from mobs. This is one of the reasons why I loved iron as a crafting material in vanilla. But with the Itembound mod, there are no iron furnishing and chests available to gather them in. The reason for this is that these two items are bound to the Furniture folder in the game files.


Another thing that the Itembound lacks is the loot table. The vanilla Minecraft loot table is quite large in size and the loot table in the Itembound mod is quite small in size. If you’ve played vanilla for any length of time, you’ll know how much the loot table adds to the game. It adds a whole new feel to the game and makes grinding for better items much easier. This is one of the major reasons I made the decision to download the Itembound mod.


One of the best things about Itembound is that it comes with its own enchanting guide. With the vanilla Minecraft enchanted chest, enchanting wasn’t very useful. In fact, it was completely pointless since you wouldn’t know what to do with the items and chests once they dropped. But the enchanting guide provided in this mod really came in handy. Once you have become an expert at enchanting, you can sell your items for a good price and make a lot of gold in a very short amount of time. Since I am an avid player, having these items on my side is very important.

ItemBound [16x]

To sum it all up, I like both the Itembound mod and the Vanilla game. They give me a lot of benefits and they keep me happy. You can always use a combination of both these mods to create a better gaming experience and achieve your goals. Just don’t forget to read the mod description and read the forums as well so you know exactly what you’re getting into.


So there you have it, my review of Itembound 16x. It’s a better alternative to the Vanilla minecraft mod, it has more features, more ways to make gold and a better user interface. If you have problems with your game, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Try Itembound. You’ll be back again.

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