Download Lucky Block Skyblock Survival/PvP Mod Latest Version for Minecraft 1.16.5 / 1.8.9

Lucky Block is a survival/pvp minecraft mod which allows the player to build and place down blocks that can be used to build shelter, weapons, potions and food. The blocks are crafted through the use of a crafting table and need to be placed on an appropriate space on the game map. Once complete, the blocks will then be teleported to the player’s backpack.


There are many different challenges that the Lucky Block Survival/ PvP mod has to offer. The mod features a variety 1.16.5 of challenges that players can try, depending on their own skill level. These challenges include: Skyblock Survival, which requires the player to survive a specific amount of time in the air without using any kind of tool or service. The challenge involves using only the block tools available in the Survival mode. If one doesn’t survive, they have to start all over again.


zombies are the main threat, one will face in Lucky Block Survival/Pvp Minecraft. The mod allows the player to easily kill these zombies with just a simple tool. The zombies will fall from the sky once the player has fallen victim to their hail. A special tool called the Zombie Repeater will make it easier for the player to get rid of the zombies easily. This tool is available at the beginning of each scenario in the game.

Lucky Block Skyblock Survival/PvP

Another obstacle in the Skyblock Survival/PVP Minecraft Mod comes from the blocks placed around the map. The zombies will always appear in close proximity to these block placements. The player must first find all of these placements before they can begin to attempt to destroy the zombies themselves. There are over 30 different placements in all.


Skyblock Survival/PVP Minecraft is not the only survival mod on the market. There is also the Daymar City mod, which allows players to live in a peaceful city inside a game world created from the concept of Spongebob Squarepants. This is extremely different than the survival experience provided by Skyblock. The sky is the limit with what one can create.


I would recommend either playing as a survivor or as a villager. Skyblock Survival and/or Lucky Block are great ways to get started in the game, but you may enjoy a little more adventure. Lucky Block is a great mod that will help to add some adventure to your gaming experience. You can kill zombies easily, craft useful items, and have a whole neighborhood of friendly people around you. If you want to be in this world you need to help Lucky Block to save it from the zombies. It is fun, addicting, and addictive.

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