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Secret Survival Base/house 1.16.5 Mod” is a survival-based mod for vanilla Minecraft. The main idea behind it is to have the player scavenge around for items as they need it and keep safe from hostile entities. There are several additions to the vanilla game that allows one to have more of these, however this does add quite a bit of work and has quite a bit of learning involved too.


This mod has been inspired by several popular games such as” Portal”, “Dota” and others. It adds a lot of features and blocks to the game, allowing you to build underground rooms and also add a lot of features to existing rooms. One can create an infinite number of things, as well as craft tools and weapons to fight off the creatures that live underground. You can also scavenge through the environment for ingredients and collect food to stock up on. As you scavenge around and make progress in the game, you will find that the base block type changes, so that you can have either sand or gravel at different bases.


I decided to make one of these because I had always loved to play survival games, however without the need to scavenge and gather resources, I felt that I wasn’t creating anything of value. It also helped me to think of some cool ideas. The first thing I added was a working pond, which is a nice feature that makes mining in the game more fun. I placed a work bench in front of it and also placed some metal sheets on the ground in a circular pattern to act as a filter system. After putting all of this together, I dug a hole in the middle and placed the fish tank in it.


To be able to make it function properly, I attached a pump to the pond and attached a filter at the same time. Water should be added every thirty minutes, and when it starts to foam, you just remove the filter and pump and place fresh water in the hole, which will cause the fish to multiply. If you want to cook your fish, just switch the filter off and add fresh water right away. Once the fish are all full, remove them from the water and place them in your new fish tank, which you made out of a hole in the ground. The Secret Survival Base/House Mod will automatically remove dead fish and replaces them with new ones.


I also added a few more things, such as a workbench with a shovel, which made things a little easier since you won’t have to scavenge for the wood to make them with. I also placed some shelves on the left and right of the workbenches, so that I could keep all of my tools out of the way. Finally, I placed a large supply box in the center of the room near the door. This is great because now all I have to do is to use the mouse to pick up the supplies and then drop them in the box.

Secret Survival Base/House

The Secret Survival Base/House Mod is a very good survival mod that will really help you if you want to survive in the wilderness. It adds a lot of useful items and it makes everything a lot easier. I especially like the fact that I don’t have to scavenge for wood to make a fire or search for more materials to make tools. All of the things are right there at my fingertips, making life a lot easier. This secret survival base/house mod is definitely worth checking out.

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