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The Levatou Mansion 1.16.5 is a spectacular mod installed by The creators of the popular “Minecraft” game. It introduces a new angle to the game – the whole island 1.16.5 has been converted into a mansion and thus you are stuck having to look for items, craft them, get power ups and basically do everything manually. To make things worse, your only way out is to fly to the surface and explore the island on foot.


The problem with this type of mod is that it’s very difficult to find items and places on the island. The houses, air factories and other structures have all been placed so high up that the usual mining techniques just won’t work. You can fly over and visit the houses but most probably you will end up walking through a huge wall before you see anything. And worse, you will never know what the conditions are like beneath the surface. There are also some ruined houses and caves scattered around, which make the island even more uninteresting.


The Levatou Mansion mod changes all of this. All houses, buildings and other landmarks in the game now have their own background and are much more detailed. The terrain has been significantly improved too, making the island much more interesting. There are many more features added too. Some of these include:


o A new sea bed – the ocean floor is now included in the game. This gives the island an endless variety 1.16.5 of things to explore. There are now sunken ship wrecks, treasure chests, pirate huts, wrecked aircraft carriers, etc. o A complete overhaul of the vanilla storyline – the island now suspends its disbelief with a whole new story. There are now buried memories and secret endings to discover.


o A brand new environment – the island now comes fully furnished with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable set up. There are now over 25 pieces of furniture, toilets, beds, sinks, walls and more for you to choose from. o Fishing supply points have been added as well as boats. o There is a new police station and clinic for your character to get into. o There are also two new restaurants – one is a diner-style restaurant where you can interact with the locals and the other is a restaurant where you can eat as you journey around the island.


The Levatou Mansion is an amazing mod, but it may not be the best suited for everyone. If you are tired of the same old storyline that does not hold your interest. If you are tired of the realistic rendering that sometimes takes away some of the realism. If you are looking for something fresh and new, then this is definitely worth checking out.The Levatou Mansion

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