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Titanium 1.16.5 Mod 1.16.5 is an add-on for Minecraft that allows players to mine titanium ore. This type of ores is used in many of the enchanted items and weapons in the game, such as being crafted into enchanted arrowheads. As with any mod for Minecraft, there are some known issues with this version. The most noticeable one seems to be that titanium ore will not be exported from the game to the servers. This is a bug that has yet to be fixed. A player may however have their titanium ore harvested and then export it by using an Ender Pearl.


The mod is compatible with versions 1.2 and above of the game but does not work with the older versions. This version does not change the amount of titanium ore that is mined, only the types of ores. The problem occurs with using enchanted tools on the ore. Since the enchantments are only applied to the ores themselves, when the player removes the tool, the ore is reset to its enchanted state. So when the player then removes the enchantments, the ore is empty and does not change back to an enchanted state.

A list of the issues with this particular ore can be found below. When a player loads up the game and looks for titanium ore, they may only find some of it. This is due to issues related to loading too many saved games or versions. Loading the latest version of the game fixes the issue. It’s also recommended that players not try to mine titanium ore if they do not have the required amount of them.

Another issue that a player may encounter is that Titanium ore sometimes produces a broken piece of ore after it is processed. Sometimes these “spheres” will remain even after the ore has been refined. To fix this, a player needs to repair these broken pieces with another piece of ore. This issue can be fixed by placing a high demand ore next to the refined ore. It should be noted though that this method does not work in every version of the game.


A common issue that affects Titanium ore is the slow speed with which it consumes oxygen. It also tends to make torches break as they burn. This problem can be avoided by using torches in the places where there is no titanium ore. It is therefore recommended that if you are going to use torches, it’s best to use an iron or platinum torch. There are also some patches available that address this issue.

Another issue that players may come across relates to the breaking of iron doors and pillars. It is not possible to tell what kind of iron door or pillar a player is looking at simply by looking at it. Based on its texture and model, it is possible to determine whether it’s an iron door or an iron pillar by its model number. If you know this, then it’s easy to break through it. To do this, make sure you carry the right tools to make the job easier.

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