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Torchmaster 1.16.5 is the mod for those who love tactical games with guns, explosions and also zombies. The mod was developed by the gamer ourselves at Minekeep which is a small studio located near Gothenburg, Sweden. This is our first project as indie gamers so we are very excited to present this game to you as well. We have spent almost 9 months working on this mod, which is now finally ready for your enjoyment. Here is some information about Torchmaster:


This game has been inspired by several different settings from World War II. The story revolves around a group of military personnel, which were sent to investigate the case of a series of murders committed by a group of Torchmaster clones. The mod starts after their initial success and then slowly losing ground but then picking up after that. You get to choose from three classes namely the Soldier, Spy and the Engineer. Each of them has their own special skills and attributes but choosing your class is really up to you. There are various levels in the game, which increase the difficulty.

I have seen a lot of similar games on the market, and this is not one of them. Torchmaster has a unique setting where the story is told through journal entries. There is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions that you have to solve yourself by clues found in the game. There is a map available in-game, which shows the current location of all playable characters.

When you start playing the game you will be in a blank world map and you have to start by researching the various locations to find out more information about the current storyline. You can either read the journals or take the help of the in-game help. When investigating you will come across many different things such as treasure maps, combat weapons and other items for sale or for use. You can buy these from vendors or you can make them yourself through recipes. When making things you need to be careful to balance your budget.

There are two types of quests in the game; the ones that are given by the characters you meet and the ones you complete yourself. In the former case, you are guided by dialogue and directions while in the latter you make everything from scratch. A major part of the game involves using torches to light areas that you have not explored yet. Sometimes, the torches you have been recharged by collecting ‘flares’.

The voice acting in the game is very good. Some of the characters are very realistic, while others are written very simply. The interface is clear and easy to use. It also has a few bugs that are easy to fix. Overall, Torchmaster is a very enjoyable game to play.

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