Download Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE Hardcore Skyblock Mod Latest Version for Minecraft 1.16.5 / 1.7.10

The Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE Hardcore mod is a high-flying, frantic, action-packed, physics-based, infinite, procedural adventure game. You play the role of a newly hired crewman in the Interdimensional Agency, charged with the mission to retrieve the kidnapped CEO from the jaws of the evil Dr. Darkkanel. Everything about this dark comedy is pure madness! From the very beginning, you will find yourself stuck in a gigantic game world where every minute detail of your surroundings will make your eyes glaze over. From the intense and adrenaline-pumping action sequences, the twisted story lines and the extremely tough enemies, everything about the game will give you that feeling of sheer excitement. It’s not everyday that you get to kill bad guys and save the planet Earth, is it?


As a member of the Interdimensional Team, your main task will be to infiltrate Dr. Darkkanel’s fortress and get into his secret lab, where you will have to complete several challenges to succeed. Each level is a new one, featuring a different storyline and different mission set up. There are many things you can do in the game, but two of the most important are the power ups. The use of these tools and items will completely change the way you play, so learn how to use them well and you’ll be all ready to infiltrate Darkkanel’s fortress and put an end to his wicked plans once and for all.


One of the best features of Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE is the power ups. The classic green pills will keep you in tip top shape as you trek through the stages, but unfortunately, these won’t last long. Luckily, there are also several other powerful tools available to you. These include the purple beam and the diamond blade. With each one, you will be able to deal out some serious damage to enemies and bosses and gain the upper hand on your competition.


One of the greatest parts of Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE is its story line. You will get to explore the land of Earth and learn about the history of the planet before jumping into the game proper. You will find out that Dr. Darkkanel, the villain of the game, plans to invade Earth one way or another. You also learn that he plans on using a force called The Energy to control people’s minds and bodies. By corrupting the minds of the scientists and politicians who are trying to put into place his plans, and by using the energy to create an army of super soldiers, he plans on taking over the world.

Universal: Interdimensional Escape - SE Hardcore Skyblock

This fighting game is very addictive. That is why you will find that the game is free to download. You can play it right from your computer or you can find Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE and install it to your PSP. Once you have it installed, you can jump into the action right away. Each stage has a time limit and if you want to be victorious, you have to find all the way through each level while avoiding the bad guys and their attack waves. When you are done with a stage, you will get a score and a picture telling you how you did in it.


If you like action and fighting games, you will love playing Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE. The graphics are very nice and you will find that it runs very smoothly. It is well-made and well-designed, so it is expected that it will entertain many gamers. The best thing is that the game is available for free right now on the Internet so you do not have to wait any longer to download it and enjoy its benefits.

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